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risingsunshine's Journal

【 ✩ Rising Sunshine ✩ 】→ graphics by 「springfly」
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Welcome to
rising sunshine.
The solo graphic journal of honeymellow.
Here you will find lots of graphics, mainly ranging from asian-music/animanga fandoms to stock icons.You will also find great deal of graphic resources like brushes and textures.
Newer posts are linked to coloredskies.
In order to access the older content you will have to join the community since it's members only. Friending will also be appreciated :).

Normal rules apply.
Commenting is not necessary but it's very supportive :]
Crediting is needed. If you get caught using my work without credit then you will have to face some major consequences. PLEASE don't take credit for my work either, I've caught many people doing this and it makes me not a very happy person when I see it >:[.
Modifying my work can get you into deep trouble. Unless I've stated that you can edit, which I never do anyway, it is necessary that you don't. If you WOULD like to see certain text or whatever on my work then feel free to request and I'll be happy to do it.
Hotlinking is not allowed either.

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